About Us

about us

EBNY Real Estate (S.A.E.) is a joint stock company owned by a group of investors and businessmen who leave their fingerprint that reflected in more than one field in Egypt and the whole Arab World. Modern Arab Association (Selah Eltelmeez) is one of the most important entities of EBNY that have been established from 195 years ago.

From the early start-up, EBNY seeks for introducing a new real estate development concept in Egypt, and creating meaningful impact for the Company inside and outside Cairo, by choosing the most finest and distinguished sites at Heliopolis and Nasr City, aiming to be near enough from all the main axis and the most important areas.

EBNY follows the track of the Modern architectural design in establishing its projects in terms of facades and entrances in addition to the hotel services it provides.

In the forthcoming periods, EBNY seeks to present much more projects and tender its best services in the field of Real Estate Development.